Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Preeth - A challange is an opportunity

Welcome all,

I have been thinking of a suitable topic to start with my series of activities for Q4music for the year 2009. Youtube seems to have been non-accessible or blocked in this part of the world and so could not upload my regular music/performance/created videos. A few precious minutes of free time in the day to day life is very carefully utilised and relaxation, enjoyment and enhancement of knowledge automatically becomes an integral part of this daily routine. Super Talent reality show currently on in Amrita TV is one venue I visit in the evenings for this. Yesterday I happened to see three performances. Of which, one turned out to be outstanding.

Preeth, from Trivandrum, a student of Prof. Muthukad performed magic with miming capabilities. A young guy who has speech and hearing problem, turned out to be the star of the day. What a performance it turned out to be. Three minutes allotted time seemed to be more for him to express his talents when many others who are competing in the same show still ponder about the lack of available time. Excellent, amazing, captivating, and more I could add on. God bless this Super Talent contestant who proved yesterday that EVERY CHALLENGE IS AN OPPORTUNITY.

Let his performance be an inspiration to all those who are coming out to perform in this show and other shows about what they have and don’t in their hand and how they could improve it and present it to a presentable and appreciable form for the mass.

GOD bless him and may he conquer many more victories in the coming years.

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