Monday, January 5, 2009

Mind Speaks - Keep your eyes and ears open

The heat is on. CVs are coming in volume from job hunters. It is slowly turning out to be real that several companies around are reducing staff in minimum or maximum. An opportunity which came up yesterday made me consult with some helping hands in the field of recruitment and HR sector. The feedback from them is not at all promising. Currently all major recruitment activities are on hold and everyone is watching and waiting before proceeding for the next step. Banking sector is also in greater caution and this is another major area for many of us who has an attitude to be there when in need. In the coming days/months I am sure you will get to hear many sad stories/tragedies of job loss/life etc directly or indirectly due to the current economic scenario. It is therefore very important to be in touch with your regular friends/loved ones/contacts. Make sure you get to create a communication and feel their pulse. I am sure you will definitely be able to get the feelings across, even if it is a silence or pause in the communication. But to be there at the time in need is the most important gift you can give to a friend or a well wisher of yours.

The reason for writing this here is an interview of actor Dileep shown on TV recently about his latest movie where he did a stunt scene by jumping into the sea. In it he explained what was his feeling before jumping and once in motion down. No control, and life and death was seconds away. Luckily for him there were people to rescue, who were on standby. But a repeat shot had to be taken and he continued, there were no one around and it was really touch and go. An year ago I had mentioned here in one of my write ups about the death of a friend who committed suicide due to a financial fraud by one of his customers. Almost similar time, another friends wife committed suicide due to prolong arthritis ailment. Both took the same aerial route of jumping from the balcony and the narration by Dileep was really touchy and brought back memories several times. If, someone was there to hold them/restrain them back from that crucial decision, life would have been an altogether different thing for their children.

Let the party continue, enjoy life as it happens, Kaliyum chiriyum thamashakalum ellam nadakkatte. But keep an eye and ear open for that precious silence somewhere around. You never know, a chance hello or a short email will make you realise the reason for that precious silence and may give you an opportunity to be the most important person for someone whom you care. God Bless and Keep communicating.


  1. So much truth in what you said ....
    Communicate with a purpose whether it is to call a friend or whether to listen to happenings around you...we all can be of help to one another. one good deed deserves another, I strongly believe in that!

  2. Yes, Communication is the ultimate! If only one is able to express his/her feelings out to somebody he/she can get rid of the pressure inside! A very nice article and you are giving a very nice message!