Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy ending despite drama on RAK mountain top - Letter to the editor - 7daysUAE

A weekend outing to Jabal Al Jais mountain in Ras Al Khaimah was exciting for us till the last part of our journey.

Looking for a photography opportunity and exploring new places in the UAE during the weekends of Ramadan, we enjoyed the view from the top of the mountain a beautiful sunset.

Back to our car, we were suddenly left with the reality that our 4X4s battery was dead and there was no way to start the car. It was not a busy day at the top and not many 4X4s around and some smaller cars did not stop to our distress signal.

Then comes a big brother – literally an elder brother in all sense as the car was a newer model of Ford F150 and ours were an older edition of it – the Ford Sport Trac.

The owner of it, his family and his friend in another 4×4 was very happy to stop, come out and help us with a booster cable they had newly bought.

As he opened the new packet and connected the batteries of both the cars and tried to start – there goes the connector in flame! Poor quality item being sold in the country without any testing which may leave the customers at risk or in danger when in need of the equipment they bought to support them.

A bit of manual effort and rework on the damaged cable by the man and his friend served the purpose and we could start the car and bring back smiles back to all our face.

Thanks big bros for this kind and timely gesture.

This experience of ours with the sub-standard cable being marketed is a caution to all to make sure the equipment we buy works when in need.

As for marketing outlets and regulatory authorities, there should be a control mechanism in place in the country to release for sale only tested and proven materials.

Ramesh Menon, UAE

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