Thursday, July 23, 2015

Be SAFE, OR...

It’s monsoon season in Kerala and raining heavily in most of the parts. It is also coinciding with the summer holidays and Eid holidays and the state is filled with tourists and residents visiting the state for short holidays.  Add to it the numerous student communities who are on transitory phase moving from one course to another. Every possible tourist destinations are full.

Due to heavy rains and the prevailing weather conditions, the sea is very rough these days. At most of the places, statutory warnings have been placed not to venture into the sea when it is rough. There are police and safety personnel in place.

However, it is often noticed that certain young individuals never follow these warnings. They do risk their life and then get themselves in dangerous situations with no possible way to come out.

An incident happened last week during my visit where a group of students from professional colleges drowned at Kovalam beach. 1 died and no information about 4 others! It is sad to know that they were warned by the safety wardens to stay away. But..

I was at another prominent beach on the same day and the situation there too was not different. The sea was rough and many were risking their life and playing in the rough sea.
This is not a one-off situation. We come across the same or different life threatening situations many times.

Why is that our youth do not respond to safety warnings with promptness and respect?

Does that show the need for including HSE as an important individual subject in our curriculum and teach children from a young age to be alert and be safe at all times.

Do you agree with me? (I value your comments).

As I update this post late night 5 days after the incident, there is absolutely no news about the 4 young professionals who were swept away by the tides of Kovalam beach. I also pray for their safe return, with little hope, and for the courage of their friends and family for any adverse news.

The same day, as I visited another beach and watched the violent sea and numerous youth ignoring safety calls, I noticed this dog relaxing on the granite boundaries, in a no emotion mood. The photo illustrated portrays the feelings, one similar to the helpless situation of the classmates of the students who went missing or dead on that day.   All efforts failed as nothing could be done at this point of time except to remain silent at the probable loss of valuable human life.

If you are in a group, the tendency to explore and enjoy will be more. But remember always "SAFETY FIRST".

"Wherever you are, Whatever you do, Be alert, Be Safe and think always about safety with an outlook – Safety for You, Safety for Me, Safety for All."

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
23rd July 2015

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