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Of writing skills and technology - Khaleej Times - 7 July 2014

Of writing skills and technology

/ 7 July 2014

This is in response to the write-up “Get it Write”. It gave an interesting reading and insight to a pressing problem. The advent of technology is already in its successful path of killing the art of writing using pen and pencil. It is, indeed, a dangerous situation.
Concurring with the observation of Nishad Sayyed, I really feel bad to see little children tagging along parents mending their ways either on the iPhone or iPad. To make children familiar with the technology from an early age is good. However, making them totally addicted and dependent on them is to be pondered.
The result of the lack of interest in promoting writing at an early age is seen by the reduction of children participating in activities related to writing poetry or short stories. Time and effort has to be devoted to change this situation. How many parents and teachers take an effort in this direction may bring about the intended improvement. How can it be done has to be the next step of this important focus.
How difficult is it now for an expert to analyse a person when the art of writing itself is dying. I have been interested in this field for a long time and have been learning and collecting the handwritten scripts of those whom I come across for my study and analysis.
 It is common these days that we get to see children not expressing their mind through pen and pencil and use abbreviated terminologies to communicate through mobile or social media. To read their mind is not so easy as they get them enclosed into a shell by themselves.
What can we do next to see a change? Parents should make it a point to create an interest among children from a young age to start reading and writing in full and complete. On the other hand teachers and academicians of all types have a bigger role to teach them the importance of reading and writing it right.
Community organisations too have an important role to come out with competitions to encourage the development of literary skills.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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