Friday, July 4, 2014

For greater good - Short Take - Gulf Today, Dt. 05 July 2014

For greater good

It has been a routine for me since some years to meticulously photograph places that I visit and activities I participate in, and to then post them on my Facebook group or share it with friends or followers on various social networks.

I do it for various reasons. First, is to improve my photography skills. The second is to promote the artist or the activity I attend and give a kind of selfless contribution to encourage them.

However, the most important reason is to share with my parents and immediate family, who live far away, these precious moments so that they may enjoy them as well.

In order to meet professional and personal commitments, I tend to face a tight schedule, and this method has helped me avoid a detailed explanation of how my day evolved.

An interesting fact that came to my notice was the different reactions of those who chose to be in my friends or followers list. Some of them consistently encourage me. Some remain completely silent, although they keenly observe every post of mine. And some others come up with constructive criticism, which I always take note of in a positive way and act according to merit.

Many a time this has resulted in a positive contribution to the society, whether it is here in the UAE or in India.

Some actions were dangerous, since I would report abnormal practices or dangerous situations. Before submitting these to relevant authorities or the media I have asked myself a hundred times whether or not I should submit them as community reports of significance. The option chosen does prove to be right as they resulted in intended positive outcome.

At times, there were detrimental remarks that held my thoughts and deeds from moving ahead. Working on them again and again, weighing them in a balance, I chose the positives rather than the negatives and carried on.

Why should I let my feelings known to others? Why should I not?

A difficult choice, this is always on my mind, each time I come out with something new.

I strive my best to keep my mind and thoughts to contribute to the betterment of those with me and around me in my community. The choice is therefore theirs, to be with me or not.

Be supportive and an occasional like, a supporting comment, or a share of my post among your friends or family will not do any harm. It’s an assurance you can trust on.

Ramesh Menon

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