Saturday, July 26, 2014

Natural hurry

Natural hurry

There is a saying in Hindi which translates into, “Whatever happens, happens for the good.”

Nature has proved this once again.

For some years, I have been keenly following the flowering process of date palm trees and the period after it, till it is harvested. Normally, this process happens during July to October.

However, last year, due to the change in weather pattern or due to the unnoticed climate differentiation, it didn’t happen during that period.

This year, the process started in March and by now, the dates in the palm trees are ready to harvest. It is as if the nature has hurried itself to be part of the festivities associated with the Holy Month of Ramadan.

It is an amazing feeling to watch the date palm trees full of ripened dates wherever one gets to go around in the UAE. Indeed, the nation is blessed with this hidden wealth, which silently forms a major export item of the country.

If you have missed following the process, keep an eye from now on. You will have many stories to tell based on it.

Ramesh Menon

Short Take - Gulf Today 26 July 2014

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