Friday, June 27, 2014

Safe driving - Gulf Today - Short Take Dt 28 June 2014

Safe driving

It is the Holy Month of Ramadan and a blessed season when people tend to be more religious and show kindness to the poor and needy. This year, due to the long duration of daytime, the fasting hours will be more.

Summer is at its peak making life outside during noon hours difficult. Luckily, the school holidays have started. The roads may be less crowded as many people will be on vacation.

However, one factor that is a cause of worry is the driving habit of some people before Iftar timing. Whatever the reasons, the tendency to drive fast and furious is extremely dangerous.

The energy and alertness level during this time will be less for many due to fasting. It is extremely important to drive cautiously and carefully during this particular period.

Safety at all times should be kept in mind and practised as one of the core values in our lives.

Ramesh Menon

Gulf Today, Short Take Dt. 28 June 2014

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