Monday, June 23, 2014

Letters: on - 10,000 tonnes more vegetables grown at Abu Dhabi farms

10,000 tonnes more vegetables grown at Abu Dhabi farms

It is impressive and highly promising to note the increased production forecast for UAE farm produce in the coming season. The effort and amount of technology expertise added with financial support is huge and each of the participating farmers should be highly praised to keep the interest in the field of agriculture ongoing with sustained interest. With the weather conditions not in favor and with all the global warming issues kept in mind, it is of great importance to encourage more locals to come forward and actively participate in agriculture that suits the nation. In order to garner additional support, the produce should be allocated a special corners at all the leading supermarkets and be given prominence in terms of pricing and marketing. Wherever there is lack of water supply identified, it should be complemented with alternate source of water supply to keep the interest sustained.

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