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Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 01.01.2010 - Magic Words

Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 01.01.2010 - Magic Words

Magic words

A New Year comes with lots of expectations and renewed vigour for all. It is a time to think for a change. Many of us come out with new resolutions and make promises to keep those new options permanent to benefit for the days ahead. As we progress, we tend to stray away from them and fit into our old scheme of things. Life goes on as usual. Make sure, all good things planned remain in your focus and action scheme for the next 365 days to come.

I have a friend who told me this incident. He is struggling these days due to various problems happening in life. His job is good and work environment is good too. At office he has a senior manager, who asks him daily with a beautiful smile, “how are you doing today?”

He says, this is one question that keeps him optimistic and forget all his worries and look forward to a productive day ahead. It is like a vitamin to instill enthusiasm, optimism and energy. We may not find many managers like the one my friend luckily has with him. It is an example worth emulating by those in senior positions to motivate their sub-ordinates. A smile, a kind word or a casual query to cheer up and motivate. If not already practised, why not we try to follow it and make it a practice to stimulate the capabilities of those surrounding us.

Let it be an addition to our list of new year resolutions.

Ramesh Menon

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