Monday, January 17, 2011

e Nidhi SREE Nidhi - an opportunity to support children who wants to study

e Nidhi SREE Nidhi - an opportunity to support children who wants to study

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Team 1 Talent Share group and blogs, I wish to encourage, motivate and support poor children to study and progress well in the life. With this in mind, I wish to initiate:

• A Scholarship in terms of a variety of assistance (monetary benefits, books, uniform, support etc) - to those children from families with difficulties to educate their children in the 10th, 12th and Degree education.
• Encourage them to join for higher studies in Engineering subjects (Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Engineering) and Medicine.

The idea now is to plan and provide:

• one cash award each for girls and boys for 10th, 12th and Graduation who gets high marks in the respective exams.

• additional bonus amounts ( in terms of cash) will be awarded according to:
  • The child's extracurricular abilities like skills in sports and arts will get extra rating.
  • His/her parents education (the lesser the education of the parent and the higher mark he gets, he will get a higher rating)
  • Any physical disabilities he/she has in life will get special consideration and rating
The above are the basic criteria I have thought about for initiating this scheme for the first time.

You can participate in two ways:

  1. If interested, you may join hands with me are welcome to contact me by email
  2. You may identify a needy child and introduce him/her and his/her parents to me so that as a team we could finalise what are their requirements for a successful educational environment to come up in life.
If identified, children in earlier classes of education will also be supported under this scheme.

It is also planned support and facilitate better reading room facilities in school and villages in the rural areas.

As we work ahead, we will fine tune the proposed scheme named e Nidhi SREE Nidhi and make it more attractive and interesting to those needy children in our community.

Thanking in advance my family and friends for the support for the success of this educational scheme.

Looking forward to your positive reply in this regard and then we will work on further to make it a reality.

True regards,

Ramesh Menon

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