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Indian president arrives on first state visit to UAE - My Comments - THE NATIONAL - Dt 22 Nov 2010

My Comments - THE NATIONAL - Dt 22 Nov 2010 - Indian president arrives on first state visit to UAE

Dear Sirs,

Yesterday night, I saw a beautiful dream while sleeping. The excitement brought out by the elaborate arrangement being carried out by all to welcome the President of India after 7 years was there in my mind before going to sleep. I was thinking of the various landmark improvements that could come along with this visit that is taking place immediately after India being branded “as a nation that has arrived” amongst the pioneers by the US President. Yes, after a period of recession, India is coming out high in terms of progressive measures as a nation of importance and UAE, confidently emerging with it’s economic and administrative capabilities as a regional leader of significance. The visit is thus significant and I was in a high and my dream evolved. Yes, I was seeing numerous scenarios, as in a movie. First and foremost was the journey from our port of exits to UAE. Air India flying on time and that too on a regular basis at an economical and competitive rate and service standards competing with other airlines of the region. At the lounge I could see numerous politician and government dignitaries on official mission using the services of Air India rather than opting for other airlines. I was surprised first, but then came to know the new reformist and progressive measure by the government (in my dream!). The airline is running on loss anyway and thus instructions to all government representatives to opt for the airline to serve their travel needs have done magic as the airline now fly on time and with quality value. At the exit lounge I could see a computerized desk manned by personnel of the Human Resources Development Ministry taking a simple exit survey of the passengers traveling on work and leisure. They were gathering relevant information, which then were being relayed to the respective Embassy offices to update their residents on board data register in each gulf country. Interestingly, this desk was maintained with utmost efficiency that it was proving more than a help desk to numerous working class people who were exiting the country for jobs they knew or not. They were identifying those who were being taken wrongly and guiding them the right of course of action according to the problem they identified. Well, so far so good, I turned to the other side thinking of what next. And my screen moved to a sprawling university complex, where I could see the IITs and All India Institute of Medical Sciences extending it’s branches to the UAE. I could see both local and resident Indian students competing with each other to imbibe and share the educational expertise of our pioneer institutions at an affordable price, without leaving UAE after school years. On stretching, I could also see schools and universities in India teaching Arabic, Islamic Studies and Arts to know more about them and understand and educate the historic importance they carry to the modern day youth. Trrrnnggg, my alarm bell rang, well my dream interrrupted, and there were many more items to be seen and wished for. Not bad, as an ordinary Indian, without any political or business interest, my movie has been an interesting one, covering some of the basics requirements like economically viable and punctual transportation to and from my home country to my home away from home, increased educational facilities for my children, and safe and secure working environment for me and my fellow Indians and overall welfare of our families back home. I am thankful that I work in the UAE where all my interests are well protected and I look forward to the add-on’s that could materialize from this historic visit by the 12th and first lady president of the Republic of India Her Excellency Prathibha Devisingh Patil to the UAE.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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