Saturday, August 28, 2010

Short Take - GULF TODAY Dt. 28.08.2010 - Surprise gift

Short Take - GULF TODAY Dt. 28.08.2010 - A surprise gift

Surprise gift

The other day, I was having dinner with an Indonesian friend of mine. He seemed to be very happy during our meeting. Conversing with him, I realised, he had just finished scheduling a Haj visit for him and his parents the next month. They were aged, and so he will go to Indonesia and from there fly to Saudi Arabia for Umra.

His parents have had a very normal life all throughout and they took care that their children did have good school and life, even forgetting about their own hardships.

Now, the son, who is here and well employed, is comfortable and thankful to hand over a surprise gift of their life to them this year.

I could see his joy as well as theirs while he conveyed this happy move from his side.

It brought out memories for me of many such parents who work all their life for the benefit of their children.

It was not a one-off instance, but it did create an impact in all our minds about what such actions can bring out in the life of those who get to receive it.

Ramesh Menon

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