Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Elephant enjoying the rain

Elephant enjoying the rain

I did write about him early. He is taking rest and enjoying the monsoon rain at this special premises near Oorakam Amma Thiruvadi Temple. From the olden days, temple elephants on heat used to be tied down at this compound just next to our ancestral home. It is a site to watch as these pachyderms will be there for months, at times, creating fear amongst all, but mostly a sense of compassion and love as most of us from thrissur, love elephants and know their moods and syndromes better than our fellow human beings. And on this day, he was enjoying the rain, and I felt like watching him forever and ever.

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  1. Hi,

    Trying to create awareness and hoping to put stop (anybody is welcome) to a cruel practice followed in Kerala all in the name of tradition/religion/economics whatsoever. Please check in on FB page for STOP Elephant Abuse in Kerala and if you believe in it and if you are not worried of Devaswom Board/elephant owners/religious sentiments, request you to pass it on to others. The site is not meant for newsfeed/updates but more as an awareness creation tool (link given to Joyce Poole’s, of Elephant Voices, speech is highly recommended for those interested) and is being used to comment on other posts. Hopefully this practice will come to an end with or without on the field campaign asap.

    Commenting on blogs selecting them at random from google searches (hoping to do min 20 a day….crazy? jobless?) may not be a good idea but then how do a homemaker get her concern heard, I am not a blog follower (tried blog past 2 yrs for the same issue). Any inconvenience caused is regretted.