Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Letters - Khaleej Times - All set to handle the crowd

My Letters - Khaleej Times - All set to handle the crowd

I always write about the positive aspects of photography and it's influence on our self to elevate our mind. I believe that interest in photography give a cutting edge to a person to be alert for opportunities and value each and every second that is available. This photo is an example of such a precious moment. At the Terminal 3 of Dubai airport, just after the Iftar on an evening, with not many flights landed and being the first few to reach for the immigration counters, I suddenly noticed a golden scene in front of me. For those who travel through Dubai airport, they will realise the importance of it as they will always find a long queue of passengers lined up for immigration check.

Playing in the mind is another important point which I wish to convey through this photo. One doesn't need a high tech camera to come out with excellent pictures. It's all in the mind and the knowledge of the equipment at your disposal. Like a quick run out on a cricket field or a quick shift of gears on our bike or even sudden change of beats on the Tabala according to varying and demanding situations we come across. One needs to listen and observe carefully every opportunity available and play it in the mind several times and then practise without inhibition and then when that precious moment comes, you will never miss it.

God bless, Keep clicking and have a great day ahead.

Ramesh Menon

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