Monday, June 1, 2009

Today in History - 01 June

2009 Campaign Aims for Tobacco-free Dubai

1980 1st transmission of CNN, Cable News Network

1961 FM multiplex stereo broadcasting 1st heard

1951 1st self-contained titanium plant opens (Henderson Nevada)

1949 1st magazine on microfilm offered to subscribers (Newsweek)

1947 Photosensitive glass developed

1888 California gets its 1st seismograph

1881 Bell Phone opens 1st Dutch telephone exchange

1880 1st pay telephone installed

1877 Society of American Artists forms

1869 Voting machine patented by Thomas A. Edison

1808 1st U.S. land-grant university founded at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

1789 1st U.S. congressional act becomes law (on administering oaths)

1638 1st earthquake recorded in U.S., at Plymouth, Mass

1495 1st written record of Scotch Whiskey appears in Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, Friar John Cor is the distiller

History created - 31 May 2009

2009 May Finishes on a Blistering High, 50-degree heat on Sunday.

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Hope you all enjoy reading in brief what happened this day in history. Looking at each of those events, allow us to travel back many years and imagine what was done then and how far we travelled till this date. Thank you in advance to receive your comments, if any.


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