Sunday, July 27, 2008

Photo Speaks - Passing shots - Bengaluru - July 2008

Bengaluru - International Airport arrivals

Bengaluru - Traffic scene on a rainy day

Bengaluru - Traffic scene on a rainy day

Bengaluru - Traffic scene on a rainy day

Bengaluru - a roadside temple

Bengaluru - a tender coconut vending station

Bengaluru - Waste Management - a real waste of time, if people concerned to not co-operate.

Bengaluru - it's raining and let me try and sell some umbrellas

Bengaluru - a two wheeler parking area

Bengaluru - a traffic scene, bikers raring to go

Bengaluru - a traffic scene

Bengaluru - orphaned children taking care of the footwear near Ayyappa Temple at Subbanna Palaya.

Bengaluru - Traffic violation managment

Bengaluru - traffic scene

Bengaluru - a street vendor waiting for traffic signal to open

Bengaluru - Now this is the most convenient and economical way of transportation. They are testing the prototypes already - If the petrol price increase like this, in few years time along with Metro, this site will not be an unusal one. Get ready and book your models without delay.

Bengaluru - what a way to go!. This biker had a lucky escape. His bike was run over by a speeding truck but he escaped. Now on way to a repair centre, he might be thinking of what every biker in the city thinks.

Bengaluru - Another transport options

Bengaluru - Transport options - shifting workers and stuff from one site to another.

Bengaluru - Back to home - with a nice view of what's happening around.

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    For terrorists,there is no such discrimination as evident from blasts all over India. There is a deliberate attempt is made to divide Indians.
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