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New procedures for visit visas to start soon

New procedures for visit visas to start soon
By Bassma Al Jandaly, Staff Reporter GULF NEWS Published: July 22, 2008, 22:22

Dubai: Applications can be filed starting next Tuesday for new visit visas which were revamped under a Federal ruling last June, a senior residency department official said on Tuesday.

The new fee schedule for the visas, which range from visit visas to visas for medical treatment should have started August 1, according to an earlier announcement, but have been pushed forward due to the weekend holidays.

July 30 is an official government holiday. The rules apply to nationalities who currently have to get sponsorship before arriving in the country.

The Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) and the Economic Department will meet with representatives of hotels, tourist agencies, hospitals and educational institutions on Wednesday to brief them on how the changes will be implemented.

Major General Mohammad Ahmad Al Merri, Director-General of DNRD, reiterated the fact that all visitors should have health insurance cover and sponsors have to pay a Dh1,000 refundable deposit.

He said the visit visa holder will be allowed to enter the UAE once within two months from the date of issue of the visa. According to the amendments, there will be 16 new types of visas.

Residents can apply for a visa for their spouse or blood relative. Expatriates will not be allowed to sponsor friends. And sponsoring other blood relatives will require approval of a senior officer.

Under the new rules, expatriates cannot apply for relatives who wish to come to the UAE for medical treatment, only hospitals can.

'No instructions given'

Typing centres still do not have a clue what applications to fill out when new visa rules come into effect.

"We are aware new visa rules will be implemented soon but we are still working on the same old visa and residency applications," said Mohammad, an employee at a typing centre in Jafiliya, Dubai.

"So far everything in our system is the same, including the online fees. So far, we have no instructions on the changes," said Ali at a typing centre in Sharjah.

The Federal authorities announced 16 types of visas and new fees under the revamped rules earlier in June. These include visas for medical treatment to entry visas for students.

Under the rules, expatriates are not allowed to sponsor friends to visit the UAE.

New visa fees in Dhs

Short Entry (visit) Visa - 500 (1 month)
Long Entry (visit) Visa - 1,000 (3 months)
Multiple Entry Visa - 2,000
Entry Visa for Study - 1,000
Renewal of Study Visa - 500
Entry Visa for Medical Treatment - 1,000
Renewal of Medical Treatment Visa - 500
Entry Visa for Expos and Conferences - 100
Tourism Entry Visa - 100
Renewal of Tourism Visa - 500
Entry Visa for GCC State Residents - 100
Renewal of GCC State Resident's Visa - 500
Entry Visa for GCC State Resident's Companions - 100
Renewal of GCC State Residents Companions' Visa - 200
Mission Entry Visa - 200
Transit Entry Visa - 100

Source: B.A.J./GULF NEWS

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