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Jeetu - A promising singer from Mumbai

Jeetu - A promising singer from Mumbai

Amrita TV has recently concluded one of it's prestigious Reality show which had a tough competition all throughout amongst the contestants and it's active followers. You may not have witnessed a massive swing of fortunes and votes even in the lok sabha polls but that was the case amongst the scores of SMS votes for the last 3 contestants during the final day of this programme. All throughout the show, we were ecstatic and supported all the contestants but with awe watched the progress of a honest, moderately speaking and very hard working Mumbaikar boy, originally from Triprayar of Thrissur District. Due to his natural style and open attitude to acknowledge his limitations he was liked and disliked by many and also happened to fall under my mischievous eyes which even prompted me to create a whole new set of cartoon based on the Super Star Global. Obviously in most of them, he happened to be the main character. We have seen that the finals of such reality shows are always a surprise and at the end of the show both the winner and losers will have plenty of stories to say with regards to their journey till then.

Out of my passion to promote these talents who took an effort to give us some memorable months of musical fun and festivity and also as a TQM activity to see that they are not left aside, I approached Jeetu and his family for a short session with me. I had several questions running in my mind when I approached them as throughout the show I have been constructively criticising him and showering him only limited complements through my write-ups as well as cartoon series and was not sure about the direct reactions towards me for such an attempt. All those apprehensions melted down when I communicated and today, I am presenting to you all to read about Jeetendranath Ramachandran alisa Jeetu:

Greetings to you Jeetu. You have been one of the finalists of the recently concluded Super Star Global programme conducted by Amrita TV. It was a close finish and almost a sure winner for the title, last minute swing of votes resulted in you reaching the 2nd position. However, when we look at it, overall it gave a feast to all the music lovers and the contestants. It is the same interest of these music lovers that made me now approach you for a brief and casual talk to find how your progress is after the post-elimination from this show.

1. Jeetu, congratulations for participating in the Super Star Global Competition and getting selected to the top 3 level. How did you hear about this programme?

From amrita tv ads.

2. How did you find the different stages of the competition? Particularly on the challenges thrown to you to perform various dance and duet rounds?

Challenges are part of realty shows. To be frank I had difficulties at the beginning stages. The main problem was to dance but I got used to it as I had to survive.

3. Who is your Guru? Could you please give us an idea how you went about preparing for each round.

I believe that I'm blessed one because I had an opportunity to learn music under 5 gurus.

1. Smt. Shantha Venkatraman (Trichi) (carnatic vocals)

2. Smt. Prasanna Varrior (carnatic vacals)

3. Mr. Biju (Trivandrum) (Carnatic vocals)

4. Smt. Radha Varrior, deciple of late Guru Shemmangudi Bhagavathar. (carnatic vocals)

5. Smt. Panth (Hindustani vocals)

During the show I didn’t get any training from professionals. It was all done by myself, but off course George sir’s vocal training helped me a lot and I used to practise it regularly.

4. How was the support given by the Amrita TV channel in terms of co-ordination and arrangements for contestants like you who were situated away from Trivandrum?

They created a friendly environment so that we were able to practise more freely. But one thing I’ve to say is that the food was Pathetic. Accommodations were just ok. but one thing is that we could practise our song freely without any disturbances and i believe thepurpose was served.

5. How do you rate the grooming sessions before each stage of this competition? Did you all get sufficient notification about each stage and also did you get sufficient guidance about how your performance should be for each one of them?

As I said George Sir’s tips were useful. It helped me to act as a professional. I consider him as my God Father.

6. How do you rate the other contestants who participated along with you? Did you all get along well?

Initially all were good but then you know as the pressure increased everyone changed. Only Suraj, Subin, Latha, Sruthi And Charu were with me.

7. Was there any stress on you with regards to the SMS votes / campaign which was a part of the requirement for getting through to the next level in each stage? How did you work on this, especially in your case, being an outsider from Kerala, being a Mumbai based Malayalee and coming all the way from there to participate in this prestigious programme.

Actually I had no problem with regards to the campaign. My fans used to campaign votes 4 me. Many banners and voting format cards were issued to the public by fans themselves. Being a Mumbai malayalee was not at all a probs because they considered me as there own.

8. What do you rate amongst the various stages for this particular competition as the toughest round? What was the reason that made you say this particular round as very challenging.

Performance round was the most toughest coz it was very difficult for me to dance while singing.

9. Looking back at this competition after the finals, do you feel, the stages set after your elimination makes you feel that you could have performed well in those?

Yeh, I always felt that I could do better after some of my performances.

10. How often you give concerts? How many hours normally you practise?

I had a concert with G.Venugopal in the month of April. I’ve commitments in the month of oct. nov. and dec. My practise sessions are really tiring, mostly I sit for minimum 3 hrs in the morning and If I get time I practise 4 another 90 mins in the evening.

11. Other than vocal, are you learning any musical instruments?

No. but I’ll learn something.

12. Tell me something about your activities other than those involved with music.

I write lyrics 4 my own composition. I’m a lead singer of a pop band “Eternity”. I had won gold medal in the state level for painting and silver medal in the nationals (2001-02). Even now I sketch out of my imagination.

13. Tell me about your academic progress. What are you doing now?

Presently studying in final year B.Com

14. Being a resident of Mumbai, did you get any support/recognition from the numerous Malayalee associations based in Mumbai?

Yes. Chembur fine arts had felicitated me by arranging a musical nite.

15. Who is your favourite singer? And who else do you like to follow closely from the music world?

Hariharan is my all time favorite. Then, Shankar Mahadevan, Rahath Fateh Ali Khan, Kailash kher, Enrique, George peter.

16. What are your future plans? What do you want to become – musically and otherwise?

I want to be a musician. Only that much I can say.

17. Do you get noticed when you travel to Kerala after participation in this show. How do you handle this popularity / recognition/encouragements.

Well it feels great when u hear someone saying that “adh super staril paadiya paiyan alle”.

18. Any funny incidents during your participation in the show which you wish to share with all of us?

No funny incidents as such.

19. Who do you rate amongst the panel of the judges as the best? And why? Did you notice any bias or partiality?

No comments.

20. Any mention or write up on Super Star Global show cannot be completed without a word or a page on Stephan Devassy. Kindly provide us your insight on this genius. How did you find your interaction with him? How this genius worked around each episode/shoot to give you the best and bring out the best.

He was the best among the whole ssg team. While preparing song tracks he explains how to deal with each and every expressions. When we come on stage 4 the shoot he just say “polikyada mone, thagarku”. That’s Stephen Devassy.

21. And the winners prize, do you enjoy driving it around in Mumbai traffic?

Well my car is in kerala at my brother’s place. I used to drive it when I was at kerala. Waiting 4 the vacation…………

22. Tell me anything additional you want to include here

Brother it was nice answering your questions. Thank you very much.

Let us get to know Jeetu more:

Name: Jithendranath Ramachandran

DOB: 27-08-1987

Age: 19


Mother: Baby Ramachandran

Occupation of Father: Working in Saudi Arabia

Qualification: Doing graduation in B.Com, 3rd year

Musical background:

Studying Carnatic Music since 14 yrs, Music composing, Gold medalist in Mumbai university for light vocals. 'Best Singer' Award received from "Jagjeet Singh" in "Josh'06 4-5 years of freestyle & Rock, Pop and New-age

Dancing Skills: Enjoy Dancing.


"Saraswathy", Triveni CHS, Rajaji path, Dombivili(E), Thane, Maharashtra - 421201

Awards and Achievements:

Music composing, Gold medalist in Mumbai university for light vocals. ‘Best Singer’ Award received from “Jagjeet Singh” in “Josh’06

Hobbies: Music Composing, Write lyrics in Hindi

Sun Sign: Virgo

And, why not listen to some of his best performances during the recently concluded Super Star Global programme of Amrita TV:

Jeethu about Jeethu 01

Jeetu & Nidhish singing Piyare on SSG Amrita TV

ATV Super Star Global Jeetu dt 11022008
Performance of Jeetu Super Star Global dt 11022008

Jeetu at ATV SSG

Performance of Jeetu dt 13022008

Jeethu On Super Star Global

Jeetu Sung the Kalyug song...
Thuje dekh dekh sonaa...

Amrita TV Super Star Global - Jeethu - Albela

Amrita Super Star Global - Jeethu - Thane Poovita moham

Roopa & Jeethu

Roopa & Jeethu "Boom Boom"

AMRITA TV Super Star Global - Chemmanam Poothey

Jeethu singing Adnan Sami's song

Amrita TV SuperStar Global Jeethu - Thujhe

Interviewed and compiled by
Ramesh Menon


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