Monday, July 21, 2008

Emirates to do away with paper to cut weight

Emirates to do away with paper to cut weight
By Saifur Rahman, Business Editor GULF NEWS Published: July 20, 2008, 23:43

Dubai: Emirates airline said on Sunday it could reduce up to one tonne in weight by doing away with in-flight magazines, newspapers, entertainment guides and shopping catalogues. This is part of its cost-cutting measures.

"We are looking into ways to reduce the extra weight that will help reduce fuel emission and cut costs. By doing away with the printed materials, we could save up to one tonne in weight in an A380 aircraft," an Emirates spokesperson told Gulf News.

Emirates, which is the biggest customer of A380s, with 58 A380s on firm order, will receive its first super jumbo next week, which will be put into service a few weeks later.

With a reduction of two kilograms of paperweight per seat, the load could be reduced substantially.

Similar content

Emirates says it plans to feed similar content into its in-flight entertainment system - ICE - that will offer news, features and information including the in-flight magazine and catalogue.

"We are working on these to offer the passengers a better experience," the spokesperson said.

"However, this means, we will have to subscribe to certain channels and suppliers."

He said the airline will retrofit the new third-generation ICE system in all aircraft on the fleet, gradually.

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