Saturday, February 23, 2008

Web application to track browser history

Web application to track browser history

Avid net surfers who want to keep track of information they have browsed earlier without duplicating effort, now have a unique web application that helps them locate information in a jiffy from their previously browsed pages.

"Hooeey enables internet users to re-use their browsing history in a productive manner to reduce time spent in searching for previously visited web pages, to easily share interesting web pages with others and use the provided dashboard to manage their browsing time more efficiently", Rajiv Purnaiya, Managing Director, Hooeey, told PTI.

While providing a safe and universal platform for the entire browsing experience, Hooeey delinks the browser history from the browser. Additionally, Hooeey adds a social networking layer, allowing one to share specific sites with others, both on Hooeey network and other social bookmarking services.

Hooeey services can be accessed for free at

"Our main focus is to save time and effort of the users by leveraging IT tools and adopting a different approach that combines seamless web hop recording with complete transparency and user control", said Rajiv, the founder of CyberBazaar (acquired by WebEx), the first firm in the country to provide audio and video and web conferencing.

Hooeey allows the users to track all their browsing history from any search engine and "also has the advantage on browser's history files as it works on both platforms like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Some distinctive features of Hooeey include: records web hops automatically, interesting sites can be tagged while a user is online or offline, one can create a contact list and send links to friends, has self-determinable folders which help to structure links.

"It is completely automatic and does not require any user intervention. The application can be plugged into your browser and then a user can create a Hooeey online account if he wishes to store the information," Rajiv said.

Every page that the user goes to is recorded in the application along with the time and date and one does not have to manually bookmark any page. In case, the user does not want to record the information, there is a one-click stop.

To keep track of all data, Hooeey has built-in analytics service which breaks down browsing habits with various helpful charts and graphs. Thereafter, one can hand pick any site for tagging and sharing.

User's privacy, said Rajiv, is of paramount importance. "Our approach is based on complete transparency and the user is always in control. We have added some specific tools and features especially to make the user feel at ease."

"We are targeting the application at avid surfers, researchers, students and even journalists. Enterprises and companies can also use hooeey to aggregate the knowledge base that their employees are adding on a daily basis", he said.

The company has kept its options open on the suggestions made on the web application by the target audience, Rajiv said.

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