Saturday, February 9, 2008

Formula for fun driving

Formula for fun driving

So you love long drives but always dread the nagging neck aches and back pain that invariably comes along with every excursion? Don’t worry.

A lot of your problems can be sorted out by improving your posture. Here are four steps to sit comfortably that will help you sort out the ouch factor.

Excerpted from the BMW Magazine, it offers tips to stay active when you are driving and prevent whiplash or muscle knots and strains.

Given that BMW sought the help of orthopedic experts to design its comfort seat specifically to help its high-end consumers get better muscle support during driving, what better source to take guidance from on how to make sure driving isn't a pain in the neck. Check out the four-step formula.

Seat height :

Always sit as high as possible to get the best view of the road ahead.

There should be a fist's width between the driver's head and the roof lining.

Sit up straight. The backrest should be almost vertical to keep the spine in its natural position and precent strain. This is particularly important over long distances.

Moreover the backrest will also provide support during emergency braking or in an impact.

The rule of thumb is: with arms outstretched, your wrists should rest on the steering wheel. And remember to move closer to the pedals: while pressing down the clutch your knee should be slightly bent.

Raise the headrest to the level of the crown of your head and if possible higher still. There should be a gap of just a few centimetres between the head and headrest.

This will protect the neck vertebrae and is most likely to prevent whiplash from occurring.

Don’t tense up and do try to vary your posture at frequent intervals. Adjust the backrest angle by one or two degrees, move the seat a couple of centimetres forward or back.

The (BMW) comfort seat also helps to extend or shorten the seat bottom while the active seat function raises and lowers the left and right side of the seat squab in turn.

This has a relaxing effect similar to a gentle massage.

Source: The Economic Times

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