Saturday, February 23, 2008

FXLabs, Zapak, Sify Launch "Agni"

FXLabs, Zapak, Sify Launch "Agni"
Techtree News Staff

Game company, FXLabs, has launched its first PC adventure game, "Agni" starring Malaika Arora Khan as the lead character. For which, the company has partnered with Zapak and Sify.

FXLabs claims "Agni" is the first PC game developed in India. "Agni" is designed as a third person shooter-role playing game or TPS-RPG that features more than 10 original scenic stages, and four different characters named Tara, Ghayab, Adhira, and of course, Agni.

Speaking at the launch, Sashi Reddi, founder and chairman of FXLabs, said, "Agni will provide Indian gamers with international quality, and content with local flavor at Indian prices. We have followed international 'AAA' production standard that rivals the best PC games in quality."

Zapak will be the Buzz Marketing Partner (360 degrees) for "Agni" and will promote the game both online and offline via Gameplexes. While Sify will market the game online and through their GameDromes.

Also present at the occasion, Arun Mehra, chief marketing officer of Zapak Digital Entertainment, said, "We would get our users to sample the game through a 60 minutes trial version, which we will launch on soon. We will be promoting the game offline through our Gameplexes in 11 cities and host a tournament around it, to be flagged off by Malaika Arora Khan in Delhi next week."

Meanwhile, those who want to try their hand at "Agni", can download the game from the FXLabs Web site.

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