Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer holidays are over!

Summer holidays are over!

Remembering the childhood days. This fallen cashew fruit with nut reminds me of my childhood days when we children gather together and walk around and scan the plantation areas. Cashew nut is one of our first choice as the fruits are tasty to eat and the nuts collected brings in our extra source of pocket money. A kilo of nuts collected will earn a good money those days sufficient enough to cater a group of children either for a cinema or buy a new football or hire a cycle to ride for a few hours!. Probably few of the luxuries we could opt for those days.

Gone are those days and these days pocket money is not a problem for kids. This whole thought came around when I was having a strawberry fruit which tasted almost similar to a cashew fruit of those days.

If you have not experienced this during your childhood, take your mind during your free time and travel around to those old days when small luxuries gave great feelings compared to the great luxuries of these days which doesn't even last for the next hour or so!

Best wishes to all those students who are joining the new academic year.

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