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Time to click - Gulf Today, Short Take Dated 18 October 2014

Time to click

Modern technology gives plenty of options for children to develop several hobbies. At times, I really wonder how children learn things on their own within no time.

The other day, I was attending a function and noticed a young girl sitting next to her mother. She was restless as the programme was meant for adults and she had tagged along her mother.

However, I knew from her actions that she was listening to the speech carefully. As it progressed, I watched her taking her mother’s Android phone. She opened in it an application to take photos. The next thing I saw was her taking a photo of the stage and the speaker. In no time, she edited the photo in different ways, added graphics and text and made a collage out of it. Sitting and watching her closely from behind, I was wonderstruck. How children expresses their mind in many different ways!

Photography is an ideal opportunity for children and adults to express their creativity. It is a way of looking things with a positive frame of mind. I also believe that photography is a way of putting your stamp on history. Every photo you click is an item added to the history of our life or even the world. We can never recreate the same again. The light, the expression and even the air pattern may change in the next second and you can never reproduce the same effect again.

In order to promote photography interest and also to create interest in the architectural history of Abu Dhabi, a photography competition is organised by the ADIPEC.

The theme “Abu Dhabi Architecture” encourages young photographers to uncover the splendor of modern Abu Dhabi as seen through their lenses by capturing rural or urban city scenes, landscapes, landmarks – both modern and classical, e.g. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace, Yas Marina, Capital Gate and also view of Corniche, Yas Island.

The theme focuses on uncovering the beauty that modern Abu Dhabi has to offer – be it a secret hideaway, a colorful graffiti wall, a bustling city scene, a unique attraction or spectacular views. Children in the age group 11-18 can participate. More details can be obtained at

The deadline to submit the photos is Oct.31, 2014.

Ramesh Menon

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