Saturday, January 4, 2014

Safety first - Short Take - Gulf Today Dt 28 December 2013

 Safety first

The year 2013 just giving its way to a new year. It was a year of mixed fortune and feelings for many. Natural disasters beyond imagination that happened in Philippines and continuous man made calamities took several life known and unknown to us.

It was also an year of achievements and hope for many. Dubai getting Expo 2020 was one such great occasion, which all residents of the UAE are keenly looking forward to.

If there is a growth, it has to happen collectively and with all putting equal and combined effort. Road Safety is one important issue that I would wish everyone puts in a combined effort.

Let all of us decide to follow traffic rules strictly and do not show any road rage and do not violate pedestrian rules in the coming year. Let there be no man-made accident due to negligence. Safety first, let that be our motto for the year 2014

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