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‘Safety First’ mantra - Gulf Today - Short Take - Dt 18 January 2014

‘Safety First’ mantra

The year 2014 for the UAE literally began with a big bang when Dubai created history with one of the most exhilarating fireworks display ever witnessed in recent times. It took great effort and lots of dedicated man-hours to achieve the fantastic feat.

Meanwhile, the Chinese year of the Horse has already gained momentum and we are already into its third week within no time.

Promoting safety is one aspect I have been concentrating on for sometime now — especially road safety.

Whichever way one tries to educate people, it is careless minds and actions that spoil all the good work, which is very sad. However, our focus should not be derailed and efforts to maintain safety should continue with sustained interest and dedication.

The recent accident on Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Highway is a case in point. If only sufficient caution had been exercised by those on the road at the time, the accident – which was one of the most serious on the emirate’s roads — could have been averted.

The other day, I was overtaken by a minibus, whose speed limit is supposed to be 80kmph, while I was cruising along at just below that speed. Seeing that I was not inclined to accelerate, he began gesticulating and shouting at me. I gave him way and he sped past at a much higher speed than permitted.

I allowed him to overtake me in order to note down the details of his transport company so as to alert them about his driving style.

After a signal, when I finally caught up with him, by way of mocking at me to slow down, he began indicating to me the presence of a speed camera that was installed ahead.

The incident reinforces my belief that there will be no escape from tragedies till road users stop making mockery of traffic safety regulations.

Let “Safety First” remain our mantra for the benefit of all.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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