Friday, October 25, 2013

Devoted Volunteers

Thank God It is Friday. As usual a day to remember the needy. Today, there is something extra special. I dedicate today to women who lost their life to Cancer. First - my grandmother, late Devaki Amma, Second my mother in law Vijayalekshmy Menon, and third late Helen Letitia Simon, mother of Jasmin Godfrey and mother in law of Godfrey.

Remembering them all and their affection, love and service to their family and friends and to the society, and with lots of prayers and pranams to all other departed souls and affected cancer people, I have created a voluntary movement named “Devoted Volunteers”

The basic aims are to:

-              create more awareness on breast cancer in particular and all other types of cancers
-              necessary guidance and assistance to those who are affected by cancer
-              Communicate with necessary authorities to emphasise the importance of giving free or subsidized treatment for cancer

Anyone who is interested to join me in this voluntary movement can contact me at

More details of this voluntary movement will be listed in my blog in the coming days.

Sincere regards,

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Friday, 25th October 2013

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