Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Safer roads - Letters to the Editor - Gulf News Dt 31 Jan 2013

Safer roads

I took a look at the newspaper recently and was horrified to see the photo of a totally burned car, resulting in the death of an Emirati – yet another victim of speeding on our roads. A search of news reports over the past two months showed me at least 12 other similar deaths due to speeding. What’s happening to our drivers?

There is clearly a crisis.

A closer look revealed the alarming fact that most of these vehicles are driven by educated men and women.

Does this show that there is a lack of willingness to acknowledge and respect safety initiatives in place?
If so, it has to be controlled by initiating stricter rules and regulations so that no life is lost due to dangerous driving.

I suggest the authorities bring in a fine system which is pro rata, based on the type and model of the vehicle and driver involved. In addition, all automobile dealers should be requested to give a 2-3 hour mandatory safety training to the new owner, with a certification issued after successful completion that he is well aware of the controls of the car he is going to own and fit and safe enough to drive it.

I wish to see zero tolerance on speeding on our roads and no fatalities in the future, as a result. 

From Mr Ramesh Menon Abu Dhabi
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The thoughts behind my letter were based on these news items published in the GULF NEWS:

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