Saturday, November 6, 2010

Short Take - Gulf Today - Dt. 06.11.2010 - Changed Attitude

Short Take - Gulf Today - Dt. 06.11.2010 - Changed Attitude

Changed attitudes

Every morning when I walk to my car, I get to see a school bus coming to pick up a group of students to an Arabic school. A teacher is also among them to get in from this stop. As I observe each of them inside and outside the bus, there is little interaction. The bus arrives, the children gets in followed by the master. Absolutely no reaction from them and from him, no greetings or whatsoever to each other. They all fully engrossed in listening to their ipods to some music or playing on their mobiles.

The scene revives memories of my own school days and relationship and respect existed those days between students and teachers. Has it withered away as the time passed? May be it is a one-off case, and let me console thinking that way.

Ramesh Menon

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