Thursday, November 11, 2010

Know your passport - My Letters - Khaleej Times - Dt. 11.11.2010

My Letters - Khaleej Times - Dt. 11.11.2010 - Know your passport

Know your passport
11 November 2010

This is in reference to a recent letter requesting the travellers to keep the visa page open while they queue in for immigration at the airports.

Travellers should be familiar with their passport entries like any addition of information, special endorsements and of course the page number on which visa is stamped for entry.

Immigration officers have a standard procedure of scanning through all the relevant details starting from the main page and may have queries in case if any additional updates or amendments have been made in the passport. Therefore, one doesn’t have to keep open the visa page before he reaches the officer, but just make sure, he is aware of the pages and entries in his and his families passport. This in turn will help assist the officer as well as the passenger and others for a speedier clearance.
-Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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