Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today in History - 01 July

1997 U.K. returns Hong Kong to China

1993 1 second is added to the clock

1967 1st British color TV broadcast, on BBC 2

1967 BBC starts their World Radio Club

1960 Ghana becomes a republic

1957 International Geophysical Year begins, ends December 31, 1958

1941 1st coml TV licenses granted-W2XBS-WNBT (NBC) and WCBW (CBS), New York City

1934 1st x-ray photo of entire body, Rochester, New York

1929 U.S. Immigration law of 1924 in effect

1923 1st permanent radio network-AT&T (WEAF New York and WMAF Mass)

1907 World's 1st air force established in the U.S. Army

1903 1st Tour de France bicycle race begins

1881 1st international telephone conversation, Calais, ME-St. Stephen, NB

1877 1st edition of "Amsterdammer" published

1875 Universal Postal Union established

1874 1st Chamber accept law against child labor

1874 1st U.S. kidnapping for ransom, 4-year-old Charles Ross, $20,000

1874 1st U.S. zoo opens in Philadelphia

1847 1st U.S. postage stamps go on sale, 5 cents Franklin and 10 cents Washington,
New York City

1820 1st edition of newspaper "Courrier de la Meuse" published"

1200 In China, sunglasses are invented

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