Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daily Passionate Photography Thoughts by Ramesh Menon - 30 July 2009

Daily Passionate Photography Thoughts by Ramesh Menon - 30 July 2009

Welcome all, to the world of Passionate Photographers.

I hope you enjoyed the slow and steady start we had. I know it takes time to gain momentum before we get truly passionate contributors to this wonderful group. It is therefore our common need to set a discipline before we gain that magical momentum. Let that be the topic for today.

You might have noticed the comment by Mr. R Vijayan on my new photo album – Temptations on the Move – Delhi Gaya Haridwar Rishikesh. Every one carries a camera these days and clicks several precious moments. But seldom take additional few minutes to keep them organised for viewing or any other use later on. Partially this is due to the lack of storage facilities or know-how related to the instrument one uses.

Discipline, personal and professional is very essential and I contribute a lot of my success in both the field due to my interest in photography. According to me a person who is passionate about photography is like a soldier. Like a soldier, who keeps his fitness at its peak and maintain his equipments war ready every time, a passionate photographer will keep his camera and his photographic intuitive mind ever ready for a golden moment. To this he has to:

• preserve his camera and accessories in its perfect environment condition
• keeps the batteries charged, carry additional spare batteries for emergency prolonged use
• keeps all the necessary data transfer cables and additional storage cards handy
• keep on reading and enhancing his knowledge about different types of photography techniques.
• Keeps on clicking without inhibitions pictures of objects that suite his interest. As he knows better that practise makes one perfect when a real opportunity arrives.
• Keep on exploring various features of his photography equipments under various conditions so that he is familiar with the instruments and well aware of what is the quickest way to capture a golden moment with the instrument he has at that particular time and place.

I consider all the above factors equally important. However, to the last one I give more importance because it gives an overall positive outlook to an individual. Like you develop an interest to get to know more about your photography instrument, by constant practise, you get to know also the finer aspects of your family, friends and colleagues with whom you interact frequently. A totally different outlook will evolve in your interactions within no time if you enjoy encouraging photography with passion. It becomes a duty and devotion to contribute towards the benefit of the society in many possible ways.

I am thankful to those members who joined Passionate Photographers group on Face Book. For all your information, as a matter of discipline I had to remove one member yesterday who joined and uploaded photos. Nothing wrong in it, but there was no connection to the themes given, there was no trace to interact with his Face Book ID either by comments or messages. As a person who encourages and promote interactive communications it is against our common perceived benefit of sharing knowledge. I hope the member comes back with his communicative ID and share his valuable expertise with all of us.

Please start contributing passionately at your own pace. Invite and encourage your friends and fellow photography enthusiasts to join Passionate Photographers. Let us collectively further the growth of this group to a knowledge enhancement forum for passionate photographers on this e-world.

I will be travelling to India tonight for about 20 days and will try and keep in touch with you through this wonderful interactive forum whenever I can.

God Bless and Have a great journey ahead.

Ramesh Menon
30 07 2009

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  1. Great thoughts and thanks for the first "what to do list" for an amateur photographer!
    Wish you a wonderful holiday . Am sure you will find your golden moments ,plenty , to capture and share...