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12 Seconds - Doing Things the Wright Way

12 Seconds - Doing Things the Wright Way
from CiteHR, posted by VIJAYA. Y.

Two of the most important people in human history were brothers with a pretty extraordinary dream. Their names were Orville and Wilbur. These two brothers shared the last name of Wright. They were the same Wright brothers who invented modern day flight, as we know it.
On the morning of December 17, 1903, the brothers decided to give their flying machine a test run. They notified a number of newspapers ahead of time so that everyone would be able to read of their accomplishment. Only one newspaper bothered to cover the story, and it was probably only because they knew that a story about a crash and tragedy would be great for their newspaper.

After a coin-toss to decide who would pilot the first attempt, Orville jumped in the seat of the machine. He fired up the engine and after a brief moment he started off down the track they had made to help launch the plane into the sky. As the plane headed down the track I am sure the onlookers were anticipating a tremendous failure and expecting the absolute worse.

Then the miracle happened! The plane reached the end of the track and it actually left the ground! Orville was flying! To everyone's disbelief the flyer was actually using an engine to fly. Can you imagine the excitement?

Orville hardly had time to be excited because after a humble 12 seconds in the air, the plane fell back to the ground smashing the rudder and breaking a lever off of the engine. Orville had only managed to travel a distance of 120 ft.

They had 12 seconds, 120 feet and a broken airplane to their names.

I am sure the spectators were severely disappointed. Some may have even laughed at the weak attempt at flight. They chalked it up as another failure for these two brothers. Many must have concluded that the brothers were crazy and that engine-powered flight was impossible.

Do you know what the brothers did?

They celebrated! They were so ecstatic that they had managed to fly 12 seconds and a distance of 120 feet! They knew that they were that much closer to flying higher, longer and greater distances! After a quick repair, brother Wilbur jumped in the airplane and had a try at manning the craft.

Their final attempt for the day produced a 59 second flight covering the distance of 852 feet!

These brothers had a vision and there were many who told them it was crazy, many who took action to prevent them from trying to achieve flight and many who were certain it would never be accomplished. The brothers however, never released their vision, their dream and their goal.

Even after what some would have called a failure of their first attempt, when onlookers were shaking their heads and calling the brothers crazy, the brothers celebrated their small victory, fixed the plane and started down the runway again and again until they had perfected it.

The Wright Brothers changed history because of their persistence and vision.

Many of us have things we dream about and a vision for our future but give in and give up at the first sign of opposition and adversity.

Are you focused on your vision? Are you taking the time to celebrate your small victories along the way? Your 12 seconds and 120 feet in the air?

It's easy to be consumed by a vision for bigger, better and more but we all need to take time to look at what we have already done and see the indicators that we are that much closer to flight. Without a doubt, there will be times when you will crash after barely leaving the ground, leaving your plane in need of repair but celebrate the fact you left the ground. Never release your vision, your dream or your goal.

Make the decision to do things the 'Wright' way. Decide to celebrate every small accomplishment along the way to your dreams. Be grateful for every second you spend off of the ground! Even if it's only for 12 seconds!

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