Saturday, December 6, 2014

Busy bee - Gulf Today - Short Take Dt 06-12-2014

Busy bee

I like to travel and of course without fail my camera is always there with me. Visiting different places and meeting people known and unknown give me opportunities to explore new horizons.

Thanks to a long holiday in the UAE, I am currently exploring various cities.

This time my subject is not human beings but a colony of honey bees at a particular spot. Last time, when I visited, the hive was in a substantial size and shape. This time, they have become bigger and better. Without disturbing their habitat, I am exploring their life through different zoom lenses.

It is interesting and keeps me busy. Every story has to have an end and this one too. Very soon, the hive will be removed and harvested for honey and wax.

That makes me wonder if man is the greediest of living beings!

Ramesh Menon

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