Thursday, November 13, 2014

"The Man Committed"

“The Man Committed”

Its real - Gilles Richaud, posing in front of the TOTAL ad featuring him.
ADIPEC 2014 is into its third day and this prestigious conference and exhibition is turning out to be a record breaking one in terms of visitors, participation from major International Industry players, contractors and visitors. 

The stream of visitors never stopped and we at TOTAL Stand were busy attending them. Hundreds of visitors of all nationalities were moving in both directions in front of our stand. Suddenly a colleague pointed out to me to a man walking away to the main exit door. He continued to guide my view to the huge poster by TOTAL at the main entrance of the ADNEC atrium. I couldn’t believe my eyes!. It was the same man in the advertisement that TOTAL has released recently for one of their posters with the theme Committed to Better Energy.

Gilles Richaud - "the committed man"
As part of their dedicated efforts to promote TOTAL and its brand as a truly global company that blends with each of their regional ethos, a series of themes have been prepared and released world-wide through print, electronic and online media. One among them was based on the Total Abu Al Bhukhoosh Academy and its objectives to impart quality education to young emirati students. The academy provide students opportunity to learn techniques of oil and gas industry and come out as professionals who are directly inducted to major oil companies within Abu Dhabi.

The “Committed to Better Energy” campaign was launched in October and by now the advertisement has been seen by millions in print, television and through online portals and not to forget the huge hoardings. It took a while for me to believe that I am seeing the person who has actually posed for it!. I realized an opportunity to meet and talk to him.

A lady posing with "the committed man"

By then he was lost in the crowd. Somehow, I managed to find him and bring him to the huge hoarding displayed there and requested him to pose for me. Seeing me taking pictures of him, the crowd too realized the opportunistic occasion and rushed to pose with him and talk to him. Ladies and youth were prominent among them. They merrily clicked with him and showed thumbs-up sign of happiness and I heard one of them saying - this is real!. 

A star is born - Gilles Richaud, “The Man Committed” made our day a memorable one. 

Youth showing thumbs up sign of happiness in clicking with "the committed man"

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
from ADIPEC 2014
12th November 2014

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