Friday, May 31, 2013

No Tobacco Day - 31 May

31st May is No Tobacco Day. Probably this man is planning to say quit as he enjoys his puff before hitting the road....

I wish to encourage abstinence from tobacco and to support people quitting smoking. I know already some of my friends who has taken this important decision, and strongly support them to achieve this important goal towards improving their health.

Smoking is the major cause of cancer mortality but because it is an acquired behavior − activities that people choose to do – smoking is the most preventable cause of death in our society

If you are a smoker, please set a quit smoking target:

· one day, 
and then to
· one month,
and then to
· one year,
and then
· never again.


I strongly encourage you to do so, IF YOU ARE A SMOKER.

Everything can be achieved one step at the time.

Best wishes in advance,

Ramesh Menon
31st May 2013

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