Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wired thoughts - Short Take - Gulf Today - Dt. 28.05.2011

Wired thoughts - Short Take - Gulf Today - Dt. 28.05.2011

I use Face Book for communicating with my friends and also to share photographs and articles. This online facility has given me many friends, some of whom have become very close.

However, at times I get scared by the pace at which these things grow in the modern world and man become e-slaves of them. Interesting is it to see updates now and then from friends with the comment, updated from my Iphone, from my BlackBerry, IPad etc. I smile seeing them, here goes one more wicket down to the magic of e-life. I also smile when I see people suggesting to create a FB account for their pets.

We are indeed in a fast paced world. This was proved in a different way the other day.

One of my colleagues had a baby boy. He and his wife are employed and within a week’s time of delivery, his wife had to go for an important project meeting abroad.

With no other alternative, he had to feed the baby using bottles.

My friend tells me now that his wife is back from work, but his baby refuses to be breast-fed.

I am closely following this child now and curious to know when he gets his hands on to the electronic world.

Ramesh Menon

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