Thursday, October 21, 2010

Exploring Abu Dhabi - through Clicks and Writes - Eastern Corniche

 Exploring Abu Dhabi - through Clicks and Writes - Eastern Corniche

One of the most scenic places in Abu Dhabi, Eastern Corniche, is a place to visit and walk during early morning and evening hours. It is located on the

Salam Street (Street No. 8).

The view towards the mangroves from the long walk way has been an integral part in the life of many Abu Dhabi residents for many years. However, like other infrastructure, this section is also getting transformed as part of the Salam Street development project and one wonders what will be the shape of it, once the project is completed.

It is a must to visit and walk around, especially if you are a photography enthusiast before it disappears.

Early morning during week-ends you may find many coming to this area for fishing. The area has useful spots for playing football and week-end parties.

Ramesh Menon
Post 3  21.10.2010 

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