Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mind Speaks - India - Australia 2nd ODI at Vishakapatanam

Mind Speaks - India - Australia 2nd ODI at Vishakapatanam

An interesting match played between India and Australia. Thank god it didn’t rained runs this time.

As a team, India is improving and claiming it’s stature in all forms of the game. The players showed that they are more serious about their place in the playing eleven and did not take it for granted. It was eminent from the performance of Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli. Once again, Yuvraj, although played well, tend to loose his focus and did not stay till the end. He should have continued and forced his dominance on this depleted bowling side of Australia.
With every match he plays, Suresh Raina is proving to be the gem that was carved out of Greg Chappel’s era. The way he comes out and play his innings effortlessly is a treat for all cricket lovers.

Virat Kohli also showed how important it is for the players now to come and deliver when needed. His post match comments and reference to Murali Vijay’s guidance to him during the match shows how the younger generation capitalising from the experiences of T20 matches.

Not to forget R Ashwin. A player to watch for many matches and season has arrived. Our bowling department is a weak link and the wicket taking and run restricting capabilities he possess and overall temperament with which he plays the game has to be commented.

Wish we had the same bench strength in bowling department.
Looking forward to a face saving innings by Australia in Goa on 24th October. The body language shows, they are already out of it.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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