Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Awareness campaign on unsafe injections

Awareness campaign on unsafe injections

Express News Service First Published : 19 Nov 2008 03:15:00 AM IST KOCHI:

SafePoint Trust, a UK-based charity organisation, has launched an intensive campaign to inform the next generation by raising awareness on the dangers of unsafe injections.

The unique multi-pronged media-blitz will have a gamut of communication tools like public awareness messages, films on television and in cinema halls, radio spots and leaflets. The campaign in Kerala which started on Sunday will conclude on Thursday.

Paul Mallins, an independent consultant in Injection Safety and Emergency Response, told reporters here that the campaign in India was unique in many ways as it was comprehensive, tactical and highly visible. The total amount spend for the campaign in India was 7 lakh Euros.

The organisation will be airing a 3-minute film three to four times a day in over 300 cinema halls across the country.

A television commercial of one minute and 30 seconds will also be broadcast on the leading channels and 160 primary radio stations have been booked to broadcast the awareness spots.

The aim of this campaign is to give the next generation a chance, empower them, give them a voice and ensure that all injections are administered safely.

A report of the World Health Organisation (WHO) reveal that 50 percent of all the injections in the developed world are unsafe which would mean that they are performed with reused or non-sterile equipment.

It is unfortunate that at the all-India level, three fourths of the total number of injections delivered are administered with plastic syringes.

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