Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Overflowing toilets - a serious hygiene issue at Kadugodi Bus Station.

Overflowing toilets - a serious hygiene issue at Kadugodi Bus Station.

On Saturday, 4th October 2014, a few of us came out with a plan to clean up the Kadugodi Pedestrian Over Bridge. It is almost a year since this structure became a reality. As regular users and also concerned community members, we were worried by the amount of waste materials being dumped on it. Added to it, the roof of the connecting side of the bridge to the railway station was heavily dumped with falling leaves, thrown away food and plastic materials.

It was an effort carried out by only few of us but we made sure the objective was well achieved.

A huge support was extended from the Whitefield Railway Station Manager, Mr. Anand Sivaram and his staff.

However, carrying out the cleaning campaign, we were shocked to observe an extremely serious hygiene issue.

At the side of the bridge connecting the BMTC station, we found, heavy leakage and clogging from the toilets of the bus station. As you may see from the photo attached, it was extremely disturbing site to see.

Checking with the Railway Station Manager, we found that, repeated plea from Railways to cement the leakage has been ignored and have seen no favorable action from BMTC side till now.

With frequent rain and with the waste accumulate increasing by each passing day; the situation is turning to a serious hygiene issue for public. There are many cases of dengue and other diseases getting reported and this will be another reason for spreading such cases.

It has to be noted that more than 10,000 people use the sky bridge for reaching the bus or railway station every day. 

Thinking more about it, I now find the reason why I get to see BMTC drivers and conductors relieving themselves on the road. The male staff can get away like that. But, what about the female staff? Where do they go, if the facilities are not properly maintained and managed?!

Organisations like BMTC should act proactively for the welfare of the public and their staff.

I humbly request BMTC Management through the office of BMTC MD, Dr. Ekroop Caur, IAS, to consider urgent repair of the toilets at Kadugodi BMTC station and plug the leaks and work hand in hand with Railway authorities to avoid any hygiene issues.

Sincere regards,

Ramesh Menon

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