Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today in History - 23 June

1996 Nintendo 64 goes on sale in Japan

1994 South Africa reclaims its seat in U.N.

1991 Mazda becomes 1st Japanese car to capture Le Mans 24 hour race

1990 Moldavia declares independence

1989 Movie "Batman" premieres

1985 Bomb destroys Air India Boeing 747 in air near Ireland, 329 die

1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act (Public Law 97-200)

1980 1st solar-powered coast-to-coast two-way radio conversation

1974 1st extraterrestrial message sent from Earth into space

1961 Antarctic Treaty goes into effect

1958 Dutch Reformed Church accepts women ministers

1950 Swiss parliament refuses voting right for women

1949 1st 12 women graduate from Harvard Medical School

1860 U.S. Secret Service created

1848 Antoine Joseph Sax patents Saxophone

1784 1st U.S. balloon flight, 13 year old Edward Warren

1775 1st regatta held on Thames, England

930 World's oldest parliament, the Iceland Parliament, established

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