Thursday, June 4, 2009

No News 19th edition - Are you in for a Queue?

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  1. Hi Ramesh,
    Once again a brilliant effort.I think soon you will be ,single handedly ,giving all those established weeklies and monthlies , a run for their money! The thought process behind it as well as the noble objectives deserve to be lauded.
    I liked the section on the artist of the month very much. It is a nice way of encouraging these children of immense talent and also serve to motivate many others.My congrats to Lina!

    The main article on the Queue system is really very informative,colourful and spreading a good messaage.
    The photos are very illustrative and apt.
    I know you are doing the production in a very crude way, with available resources,but I am sure the day is not far you will overcome this minor issue also .( Why not someone volunteer to help Ramesh to improve the quality of layout? I am sure there are so many of those creative geniuses who can contribute?)
    My best wishes !


  2. Yes indeed, this is a mandatory behaviour practice to be implemented in any civilised society.

    Najeeb Hameed

  3. I fully support with your idea; in UAE it is very necessary to arrange
    this system soon "on first come first serve basis".

    Neena Thomas

  4. Dear Ramesh,

    First of all thank your for choosing this subject.

    My opinion is it should be mandatory in Abu Dhabi like other country. We will be appreciated if its implement very shortly. I had a very bad experience last week near Life Line hospital.

    Godfrey Anthony