Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank God, India is Out of T20 World Cup

Thank God, India is Out of T20 World Cup

I was very happy after watching the match last evening. Because, no more I have to sit late and watch with anxiety and eagerness of our team playing for this cup this time. Moreover, it has been going on too many in a too short time. First the long saga of IPL season in South Africa and then the T20 in England. I feel, we Indians did not raise up to the expectations we created for each of our playing members. Body language on the batting front did not show a blend of team spirit and communication between the players on both ends. Moreover, I felt our team strategy was not far sighted, looking at the 15 overs ahead and felt we were trying to clear of the immediate threats and not the overall target ahead. Batting limitations were also exposed. Well, IPL was watched and enjoyed by all including our opponents as it made crystal clear what our strengths and weaknesses were. It became so simple for them to feed us with deliveries raising to the ear, and they even capitalised it to the extend of one bouncer every over their bowlers bowled. Not to worry, after all it is a game and now there are other serious things to handle. We have a series of bachelors amongst the men in blue starting with Harbhajan, Yuvraj, Irfan and so on, it is time for them to get settled down in life.... They also need a break and to be with their family and form a family of their own....

And for those die-hard cricket fans they can still watch the matches without any tension. Last but not the least, is it the result of any black magic tricks on our Cricket team by our Reality serial producers and TV serials for an early exit of our team which is affecting seriously their prime time viewership?

Good wishes for a good going in the Caribbeans.

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  1. Its a very nicely written posts... when everyone is crying that India is out.. ur post seems pretty humorous.. looking forward to more such stuff..