Monday, June 29, 2009

No News 20th edition - To or Not to?

No News 20th edition - To or Not to?


  1. your social involvement is highly commendable RM..cheers and best luck...

  2. Hi Ramesh,
    Once again a wonderful attempt at citizen journalism, I should say!.
    What others see and pass as none of my business, you take it as your responsibility.Your theme for this edition is an important matter and the choice has to be consciously made by everyone of us to speak up for the good of all.
    The layout is improving and the careful selection of matter for different segments is commendable.The photographs used as illustration also make a valid point.
    Best wishes and congrats to the achievers and hope the list grows in the days to come.
    Very happy to note that your sincere efforts are being promoted by so many groups.
    Do continue your inspirational efforts and may God bless you!

  3. Dear Ramesh,

    Received the pdf. Liked it a lot.
    All the best for your attempts..

    Expect your comments for my blog attempts at and