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UAE Girls Do It again in CBSE Exams

UAE Girls Do It again in CBSE Exams

DUBAI — Girls have once again outshone boys in the India’s Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Grade 12 examinations, bagging top positions in all three streams of Science, Humanities and Commerce.

The CBSE results for the Gulf region were announced on Friday.

According to the lists of their toppers received from 29 schools by Khaleej Times on Friday, Savithri Anju of St Joseph’s School, Abu Dhabi has emerged the topper in the Science stream with 96 per cent marks, Cutee Bhalla of Our Own English High School (OOEHS), Sharjah in the Commerce stream with 95.8 per cent and Rabiya Fahma of OOEHS, Dubai in Humanities with 91.4 per cent.

The region has also recorded an increase of the overall pass percentage of 0.63 over last year.

“I was expecting 90 per cent but this has truly been a pleasant surprise. My grades will help secure me a place at Warwick University in London for a course in management,” said Cutee Bhalla, Commerce topper.

Science topper Savithri Anju said good results are all about being prepared and not last-minute cramming. “These are hard-earned results. I studied regularly for this. Now I am preparing for an engineering entrance (exam),” she said in a telephonic conversation from India.

Principal of OOEHS, Sharjah, Dr Farooq Wasil said his student has always been an all rounder. “Cutee has not only been a bookworm but has also been exceptionally bright and a student leader. All this also boils down to good parenting,” he said.

This year, most of the top positions in the schools have been secured by 
girls. While the pass percentage of girls was 96.30, that of boys was 89.86 in the region.

The following are the toppers of schools:

St. Joseph’s School: Science — Savithri Anju topped with 96 per cent; Commerce— Michelle Mathew D’Souza has topped with 90 per cent.

Abu Dhabi Indian School: Science — Shrinil Viral Shah topped with 94.6 per cent followed by Sarim Hassan with 94 per cent’ and Commerce — Mannan Manoj Dhoot topped with 92.4 per cent followed by Emil Joseph and Madhav Somaia with 92 per cent each.

Indian Islahi Islamic School: Science — Mufeeda Moidu topped with 90 per cent followed by Arjun Manoj Sivaraman Nair with 88.8 per cent; and Commerce — Mekha Suresh topped with 89 per cent followed by Afrah Abdul Latheef with 85 per cent.

Asian International School, Ruwais: Science — Mohana Sundaram Adarsh topped with 87 per cent and Mary Minnet Fernandez secured the second position with 81.6 per cent; 
and Commerce — Nadia Ismail became the topper.

Sunrise English Private School: Science — Praveen Sojan topped with 89.8 per cent; and Commerce — Mehnaz Huda topped with 84.8 per cent.

Al-Ain Juniors School: Science — Thara Sivan topped with 85 per cent followed by Zubeda Mohiddin with 81 per cent.

Our Own English High School, Al-Ain: Science: — Sreyus Palliyani topped with 92.4 per cent followed by Mariam Firoz Ahmed Khan with 90.6 per cent; and Commerce —: Prakash Chowdhury topped with 88.2 per cent while Nikitha Mariam Jacob came second with 85.4 per cent.

Indian School Al Ain: Science: Joseph Noel Francis came first with 94 per cent and Johncy John second with 92.8 per cent; and Commerce — Eesha Rana topped with 93.4 per cent followed by Afra with 87.4 per cent.

Darul Huda Islamic School, Al Ain: Science — Naseema Rayin topped with 84.4 per cent and Muzammil Thottukanni followed with 83 per cent; and Commerce — Kamran topped with 80.4 per cent followed by Nasreen Bibi with 76.4 per cent.

The Millennium School: Science — Anagha Santosh topped with 87 per cent, and Commerce — Rabab Kazi topped with 85 per cent

Delhi Private School: 96 per cent of students secured first division and 73 per cent of students secured overall distinction. Science — Manas Jog topped with 90 per cent and Hashir Mohamed Sitheek with 89.2 per cent; and Commerce — Nikita Arora topped with 92.6 per cent and Shukla Chandni Tarun with 90.8 per cent.

Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a: Science — Adarsh Surendra Kumar Nair topped with 93.4 per cent followed by Mehfouz Jalal with 92.2 per cent; Commerce — Madangarli Abhijit Sunil Kumar topped with 89.4 per cent and Sinha Subhendra Roy came second with 89.2 per cent.

Our Own Indian School: Science — Anjali Murali topped with 91 per cent followed by Nikitha Pillai with 90 per cent; and Commerce — Amitha Thomas clinched the top position 
with 94.8 per cent and Heba Jaleel Parambath secured second position with 88 per cent.

Our Own English High School: 295 students appeared in the examinations. Science — Migita Michael D’Cruz topped with 95.4 per cent aggregate and Lakshmi Balasubramanium came second with 94.8 per cent; Commerce — Lipika Shivaprakash topped with 94.2 per cent followed by Juhi Chanchalani with 93.4 per cent; and Humanities — Rabiya Fahma secured 91.4 per cent, followed by Jenifer Gonsalves with 90.2 per cent.

Indian High School: Science — Yogesh Premcahnd Gajria topped with 94.4 per cent; Commerce — Pooja Anil Shah topper with 95.6 per cent; and Humanities: Sakina Juzer Lokhandwala topped with 90 per cent.

Emirates English Speaking School: Commerce — Hina Om Lokwani topped with 85.8 per cent followed by Maysoon Mohamad with 85.4 per cent; and Science — Nidhi Anand Anchan topped with 78.2 per cent followed by Ummel Khair Fatima with 77.8 per cent. Gulf Indian High School: The topper is Needa Aslam Qureshi with 92.2 per cent followed by Serene Marlyn George and Faheema Mubassara Ali Maid came second with 91.8 per cent

New Indian Model School: Science — Sreelekshmi Dinesan topped with 95.2 per cent followed by Nafia Basheer Moosa with 93.4 per cent; and Commerce: Nausheen Umarkutty and Sumayya Abdul Salam shared the first position with 90.2 per cent.

The Central School: Science — Nazia Nazar Hussain topped with 82.4 per cent; and Commerce — Shamim Ara topped with 81.2 per cent.

Gulf Asian School: Commerce — Sermeen Sultana topped among girls with 91.5 per cent, followed by Zahida Parveen with 88 per cent; Ashraf Hussain topped among boys scoring 89 per cent, followed by Shah Faizal with 84 per cent; Science — Shamsiya Fathima topped among girls with 79.5 per cent and Umme Sadiya got 75.5 per cent, and Mohammed Omer Riaz topped among boys with 83 per cent, followed by Arjun Jagdeesh with 79 per cent.

Shajah Indian School: Science — Swati J. Nair came first among girls with 95.6 per cent followed by Sandra Ann Jacob with 93.2 per cent;

Eapen Varughese P Philip with 94 per cent stood first among boys followed by Muhammed Nassif with 90.6 per cent; Commerce — Sumaiyya Arjumand with 86 per cent stood first among girls followed by Vinita Bhatia with 83.8 per cent; and Chirag Brij Sharma topped with 91.4 per cent among boys followed by Sunish Prasad with 86.4 per cent.

Delhi Private School: Science — Ramalingam Kailasham topped the school with 95.2 per cent followed by Anisha Kumar and Rajeev Gopi Kesavan with 94.4 per cent; Commerce — Kanav Minocha topped with 92.8 per cent and Abhishek Dugar secured 91.6 per cent.

Our Own English High School (Girls): Science — Fatima Khan topped with 94 per cent followed by Insiyah Yusuf Lakkadwala and Anjali Chandrasekharan with 93 per cent each; and Commerce — Cutee Bhalla topped with 95.8 per cent followed by Krishnasruthi Srivalsan with 94.8 per cent.

Our Own English High School Sharjah (Boys): Science — Shahin Nazer Mohiuddin is the school topper with 91.2 per cent followed by Rahil Abdul Rauf Parkar with 91 per cent; and Commerce — Abrar Rehmatullah Khamkar topped with 87.2 per cent followed by Husain Z Kalavadwala with 82.2 per cent.

Indian School Ajman: Commerce — Seersha S. Nambiar topped the school securing 91.8 per cent followed by Kalpana Sunder who secured 89.2 per cent; and Jayram Pandit topped the boys section securing 81.4 per cent followed by Dipanshu Karamsindhani with 77.2 per cent.

Indian School, Ras Al Khaimah: Science — Gaby Thomas Sam topped with 94 per cent followed by Nishitha Mohan with 91.6 per cent; Commerce — Freeda Christy Lobo topped with 91.8 per cent followed by Mohamed Aslam with 84.8 per cent.

Our Own English High School, Fujairah: Science — Beulah Sarah James topped the school with 93.4 per cent and Jaim Jac Jones topped the boys with 90.6 per cent followed by Shilpa Mary Cheriyan with 90 per cent; and Commerce — Rehan Ali came first with 88.4 per cent among girls and Shon Sunny George stood first among the boys with 85 per cent.

Scholars Indian School, Ras Al Khaimah: Science — Sharath Prasad topped with 90.4 per cent; and Commerce — Juwaria Fathima topped with 82.4 per cent

Indian Public High School, Ras Al Khaimah: Science - Kiran Subhash topped with 85.6 per cent; and Commerce: Roshini Jacob topped with 92 per cent.§ion=theuae&col=

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