Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with Team 1 - Anil Pakale

An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with Team 1 - Anil Pakale

My Motto(s) in life : My aim would be to help everyone around me, to stay calm, spread the message of brotherhood.

Remember, Mother Teresa. Treat everyone, be it rich or poor, at par.

When you do good, it brings in precious great feeling that is in fact pure happiness. When you do for yourself, it does bring in some happiness of fulfilment. However, it is far too less when it is done for others.

Respect every individual that comes across you and show that you care for his values and opinions. This will make them feel comfortable in interacting with us.

Environment comes next. We have to inculcate habits and practise what is best for the environment. We have to hand over the world to our kids in a better shape than it is today. There is a lot that needs to happen on that front. Each one of us must make cohesive efforts in that direction. There is no option. Or else, we will see survival war amongst human beings. It is possible to change the direction of the world. We must all play our part.

Now that I have achieved what I wanted for myself, I am now going to devote all my life for serving the community keeping in mind the above values and try to reach it to many whom I come in contact with my day to day life through my own simple possible ways and means. We are all guests in this material world and there is no reason why we should be getting into conflicts. We do not need much for living. Yet, we strive to get more and more. This must stop once for all. We must try to be content with what the almighty has given us and live a life that is full of Peace and Happiness. It is not difficult. I will be devoting all my time in spreading the message to all my friends. And when everyone who reads this, does the same to their friends, we will all be in for a beautiful world.

Good feelings will bring in great values in life free of any stress and nervousness. Health will automatically be at it’s best when we all are sound in our minds.

Mr. Anil Pakale, a BE (Mech) from VJTI Mumbai (1986 batch) and studied MFM ( from JBIMS) before opting to move to UAE. Currently working as Sales Manager – Large tonnage chillers at Johnson Controls (ranked 58 in fortune 500 list). Anil is an active member (past secretary / president / treasurer/ committee member) of Maharashtra Mandal and also an active member of IDEA. He played lead role in organising UAE Open Quiz contest. Primarily a sports person, he love to play Cricket, Table Tennis, Carrom, Swimming, Gym, Bridge. Professionally, he has won many prizes including Presidents Merit (Johnson Controls) Award in 2006 and Master of Sales Excellence Award in 2007.

Anil lives in Abu Dhabi with his wife Priya Pakale, and daughter Jaai Pakale. Priya is a banker working for National Bank of Bahrain in Credit dept. She is a choreographer for all the Maharashtra Mandal cultural programmes in Abu Dhabi and has been conducting Bharatnatyam, Cinematic dance and Folk Dance classes for past 15 years. Jaai is a Grade 8th student of Abu Dhabi Indian School. She is an excellent swimmer and have won 2 bronze medals at all India CBSE swimming championships held at Baroda - India in November 2008. She has also won many medals at ADIS swimming meets and UAE open swimming competitions. In addition she is also an excellent poet.

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