Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Inspiring Moment shared with Team 1 - Nandakumar Perimpilavil

An Inspiring Moment shared with Team 1 - Nandakumar Perimpilavil

My Motto(s): In every stage of life we need to have a plan which is practical and possible to execute. I like to practise setting up daily targets in life whether it is at the work front or at home which will take you to achieve eventual targets in life.

Considerations for others, a receptive attitude and willingness to learn from mistakes make one’s path to achieve one’s aims easy and comfortable - a theory I believed always.

Sharing the views with and convincing others is an art and mutually beneficial.

Setting up goals in life is not an easy task. One really has to think and set realistic goals. This starts from the early days of one’s life. Right from childhood one hears about setting goals. During school days parents and teachers guide you to channel your talents and aptitude in the right direction. But I do not believe in forcing a child to achieve goals which are unrealistic or not in line with his or her natural talents or aptitude. Children should not be compelled to opt for an art or sport or subject which he/she has no genuine interest in. It is all about identifying their capabilities and tastes and accordingly groom them to set goals.

Getting organised in your daily life with a fair amount of discipline will make your journey in life a lot more easier. One need to have that will power though for same. I try to do the same . Disappointments at times and setbacks are natural and we need to take them into our stride while thriving to learn from mistakes and achieve what we are hoping for. Whatever you do in life ensure to enjoy every moment of it and cherish your memories.

Nandakumar Perimpilavil, or "Nanduvettan", for all his friends and well wishers, started career as a Bank officer in India and then moved over to airline field. He is in charge of Finance & Admin for Middle East for more than a decade now for Srilankan Airlines. A brilliant student during his school and college days, he was school first for SSLC and did his degree education with distinction. His activities did not remain within the class room. He was active in cricket, chess and carroms in school and college and sang for a troupe in the 90s. The interest continued and recently he sang for a programme called Ninavu in Kairali. Music is passion for him and to an extent cricket too. He considers music as divine and universal that which takes you to a serene world where all your pains are removed by it’s power.

Nandakumar lives in Sharjah with his wife Suvarna Nandakumar, a graduate in Maths and a perfect partner with equal or more interest in music. Their daughter Mrinalini is a student of DPS Sharjah in Gr 8. She is also a student of Kathak and Classical music and plays Basketball with interest.

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