Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hygiene hazards and best practices - My Letters - GULF NEWS

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  1. Ramesh - thanks for the article - I live in the Marks and Spencer Building and hate passing through the only exit which not only is disgusting but also a horrible image surrounding the beautiful buildings that we live in.



  2. Dear Ramesh (the Community Reporter),

    Good initiation. Best wishes.


    Shaji V. K.

  3. G'morn Ramesh, great article on page 29 on hygiene... keep it up!.
    Best regards,
    Binu Varghese,
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Ramada Hotel, Dubai

  4. Hi Ramesh,
    Was just reading the same in Gulf News when your mail arrived!1
    Very good write up.
    Exactly the correct combination of factual narration, serious complaint and along with that corrective action needed.

    I am sure the authorities cannot ignore such a point well written.

    Warm regards


  5. Thank you ramesh!

    Highly appreciate this gesture.

    God bless!

    George Mathew
    Our Own English High School Abu Dhabi

  6. Dear Ramesh,

    I have reviewed your articles in the news papers. This is an inspirational example of your wholehearted dedication to bring up the unseen issues and publicize for the betterments of our society in the region. The matters were very precise and well presented as an acute ongoing issue.

    This definitelywill be added another golden feather on your crown as a social writer.

    Best Regards,


  7. Dear Ramesh,

    The Gulf News story is wonderful. Keep up your good work and hope the authorites will do the needful.

    KK Moidu

  8. Dear Rameshji,

    I wish everyone took time to contribute to the society like you do.

    Indeed one among your great articles. People nowadays just dont bother for these things what ever they may come across.

    Frankly speaking you have motivated even myself to point out these kind of issues to the government.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

    Best Regards,

    Ms. Nazneen ABDULLAH